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May 25, 2013: David Andrew Schor graduates from Lewis and Clark University's Law School
May 2008:  Rinda Montgomery-Conwell was awarded the Justice Prentice Award for furthering the cause of education through Oregon Education Service Districts. Two are awarded each year at the annual conference.

May 3, 2014: Frederic Michael Dion, son of J.P. Dion and Deborah Christine Schor
April 27, 2011: Madeline Elizabeth Dion, daughter of J.P. Dion and Deborah Christine Schor
April 5, 2011:  Benjamin Leander Montgomery, son of Matthew Richard and Cheryl Lynne (Likness) Montgomery
July 8, 2008:  Ethan James Crabtree, son of Aaron Scott and Cindy Joanne (Hoffmann)  Crabtree
July 9, 2006:  Abigail Rose Stevens, daughter of Todd Jeffrey and Jodie Marie (Morris) Stevens
July 6, 2006:  Emily Grace Meister, daughter of James Martin and Rita (McNeeley) Meister
February 18, 2006:  Owen Alexander Crabtree, son of Aaron Scott and Cindy Joanne (Hoffmann) Crabtree


June 13, 2008: Marna June Montgomery to David Lee Blake
June 2, 2007: Catherine Rosemary Hoffman to Luke Fehr
August 13, 2006:  Eric Lee Likness to Mariko Tamate--View Eric and Mariko's wedding website
July 15, 2006:  Katie Jean Maurer to Michael G. (Mikey) Meints
July 23, 2004: Deborah Christine Schor to John-Paul (J.P.) Dion

In Memoriam

February 16, 2015: Morris Walter Montgomery; read Rinda's eulogy for her dad
January 10, 2012:  Rita Mae Wacken Montgomery; read Rinda's memorial for her mom
October 9, 2011:  Kay Hoffman Stevens
September 12, 2009:  William Clarence Montgomery
July 26, 2009:  Myrtle Charlotte Montgomery Carlyle
June 20, 2009:  Clyde Hoffman
March 27, 2009:  Lester Lee Hopkins
November 11, 2007:  Elaine Ifft Kuenzi
July 3, 2007:  Velma Swing Hoffmann
June 4, 2007: Jeannette Strode Kilgus
January 6, 2007: Norma Zimmerman Hoffman
August 19, 2006:  Paul Hoffman
March 23, 2006:  Samuel Nathaniel Hoffman 

Event Archives:

August 13, 2006:  Likness-Tamate Wedding
July 23, 2004: Debbie Schor marries J.P. Dion

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Genealogical Discoveries
Recent findings, new family tree branches, never-before-seen photos...

Found lots of family graves in West Virginia:  Seventh Day Baptist Cemetery in Salem, and Masonic Memorial Park and Blockhouse Cemetery in West Union.

I've uncovered some more source material regarding my great-grandmother Laura Maud (Walker) Montgomery and her entry into the asylum in Pueblo. Colorado.

Recently I stumbled across "Ken and Melissa's Family History Website," a genealogy web page created by descendants of Mary Edna (Mamie) Montgomery Kimble, sister of Lawrence Theodore (L.T.) Montgomery.  Ken and Melissa's page includes a photo of Charles William and Laura Maud (Walker) Montgomery and their daughters (before L.T. and his brothers were born).